This helps the schools to effortlessly notice student/parents/staff up to date with campus information.

It empowers Effective communication between administration, teachers, students and parents. Automatic messages about events, birthdays, fee schedules etc. Send automatic notifications to parents by SMS or email for insufficient attendance, absences and behavior. SMS and Email on a single click. Class wise SMS and Email sender. Important information will float on individual's login. School management will be having complete track of all the communication done for the side of school. Automatic delivery reports will be there each communication can be tracked very easily.

School Alert Through SMS
Alert Through SMS

Broadcast any important message to the staff, the Parents or the Students simply, quickly and cost efficiently. Send an instant message to the parents of Absent Students in one go.

School Alert Emails
Alert Through Emails

Parents and students can opt to receive email, mobile, and desktop alerts when a teacher updates a class page or in the event of a school alert such as a closing, posted take home notice, or emergency.

Instant Delivery Report
Instant Delivery Report

After receiving message, the handset responds to the operator with Delivery Report so that Messente knows if and when the message was delivered.

Single Click for Entire School
Single Click for Entire School

The main benefit of bulk SMS is that one single SMS can be sent to multiple recipients in a single shot.