Learning Management System Academe is a modern E-Learning Software/Platform. Its highly scalable, flexible & robust Learning Management System. It offers a wonderful set of tools to make your job easier and will greatly reduce your effort dedicated to infrastructure and course management. Instead, you will be able to dedicate the majority of your time to course content. It is an E-Learning Software and Learning Management suit which aims to change the way traditional learning and teaching happens. Academe brings in related social web technologies and integrates them into an E-Learning platform.

Online Evaluation of Students

School ERP provides the ability to perform online evaluation of students. This gives a clear picture about how a student is performing. At the same time it provides the students an ability to ask questions and conduct group discussions, create their online notes, ask questions, etc.

Cost Effective E-Learning Solution

Candour Systems empowers the clients ability to choose all the features that they want. We help our clients to deploy courses easily and deliver learning to a large number of concurrent users. The pricing is at par with the flexible structure and this proves to be a cost-effective e-learning solution for clients.

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