Alert Management

SMS Integration is utilized most successfully in School ERP. This helps the schools to effortlessly notice student/parents/staff up to date with campus information.

Homework Management

It allows you to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference.

Attendance Management

School ERP permits the client to monitor the presence of all the students. There is a setup to inform the parents or guardian whenever their child is absent.

Skill Based Management

Learn more about Skills Based Learning and its relationship to knowledge and curriculum. Download resources that can draw out specific learning skills from your pupils.

E-Learning System

Its highly scalable, flexible & robust Learning Management System.

Examination Management

Exam management module makes teacher, admin and staff easier and productive. Manages every examination flow; publish results and report card.

Library Management

Library Management System is a software used to manages the catalog of a library. This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library.

Parent Teacher Interaction

Classroom updates and reach parents instantly through real-time messaging.

Fees and fine management

Finance management permits us to manage all the financial calculations and it automates many of the tasks like fees invoice/receipt generation, fees payment notification etc.

System Administration

The school administration is most important part of school. Manage school day to day activities is very difficult for the school administration department.

Advance CCE (Comprehensive and continuous Evaluation)

School ERP has been developed keeping in mind the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) report based on CBSE format.

Online Admission management

The admission process is very difficult to manage the school admin but when you are using School ERP school management software school can easily maintain whole admission procedures with paperless and time saving.

Daily Activities And Reception management

School/College Front-Office Reception Management System manages the interaction of the visitors and keeps a track record of it. This module allows the front office executive to manage visitors and provides assistance to them.

Discipline Management

Educators document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports, notices, forms, and other documents.

Work Allocation System

This procedure details the framework for the equitable distribution of fair and reasonable work allocation for academic and professional Employees.

Inventory Management

Inventory management makes your school more efficient. Let Inventory Direct track your inventory and streamline your inventory request and ordering process.

ALUMNI Management

ALUMNEE helps institutes strategically build and manage their alumni network, by facilitating engagement, community-building, networking, communications and giving back.

Transport Management

Now a day’s school provides transportation facilities to student for their better security and manage the school time. In the school erp software we cover the transportation module for the tracking and maintain the transportation details.

Biometric Integration

Biometric based student attendance System is used to track the student’s attendance and it ensures their safety. Attendance is one of the concerns of every parent as well as the teachers.

Timetable Management

Time management is very important to run any organization smoothly. Teachers usually spend a lot of time in timetable management. The timetable is a basic entity to create and manage schedules in school.

Quiz Management System

School ERP is a professional Online Quiz Management System, which not only empowers you the ability to create interactive quizzes and surveys in 18 question types and attaching questions with beautiful images, vivid audios or videos, but also track quiz results and generate insightful reports for you to improve your assessment.


School ERP software generates an outline of all modules in the form of reports. The software generates various reports like fees collection, student result, student/staff attendance, salary reports, account, student progress report etc.